Diverter, Combiner & Merge Systems

When it comes to designing systems, this normally involves merging and diverting products through the system to pre-determined destinations and to achieve this mechanically, CCS has various conveying modules and capabilities that can be incorporated into a system. Depending on your product and method of conveyance there are many ways to merge, divert, and combine multiple lanes of product into one lane.

We have many years of experience in merging, diverting, and combining some of the most difficult products. We also have the ability to test your product during the proposal process to confirm the best method in which to handle your product. The basic premise of merging, diverting, and combining is to create lanes of slugged back to back product of a predefined length then merge or divert lines of slugged product into a single or multiple lane. The lanes are controlled using a product stop and a photocells to ensure accuracy of flow.

Other modules for redirecting pallet or carton loads include:-

  • Chain Transfers and Pneumatic Pushers
  • Turning Units and Ball Tables
  • Turntables and Transfer Cars
  • Various parameters of product identification prior to diverting can be employed such as Bar code reading, RF tags, product size, colour, count, weight, etc.


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